July 26, 2015

Tuvalu - Week 10

Tapa.  E moko kae e too sale te vaiuaa.  Au ko siu faeloa.  So it has been cloudy, rainy, and windy all week!  Luckily we have umbrellas now though, so it is actually pretty nice.  Sometimes I complain about it, but then I realize it isn't hot so I realize I shouldn't complain.  Tuvaluan weather is crazy!

This week was really good!  The spiritual high that has been buzzing around for a good two weeks is starting to drop a bit, but Elder Pomate and I are working hard to keep it up.  Church wasn't quite as full because hardly any Tuvaluans own cars and it was raining:(  But it was still good.  

One time we were walking down at the bottom end of the island (Tuvaluans call it "ki tua" which means towards the back) and we were a bit discouraged because all the people we planned to see didn't show up.  So we decided to go talk to a random house.  An old guy was there, and after a bit of talking, we found out he was a member!  He is Kirabus so he isn't on our records but we were able to meet him and find out he wants to come back to church!  It is going to take a bit of coaching since he is pretty shy, but the miracle is that we found him!  God works in mysterious ways.

Also this week we had Fiani's baptism!  It was a great thing to see since she has been coming to church for a long time.  But we were finally able to get the lessons finished and help her enter the waters of baptism.  I could tell that it was something that meant a lot to her and her family.  Fiani is the first member of her family to be baptized; the rest of her family really likes the church, but they say that they're not quite ready to join.  But they were there for the baptism and to see Fiani's great example.  She got really emotional during her testimony afterwards.  These are the kind of experiences missionaries live for!

Another investigator we are working with is a 30 year old lady named S___.  She has been taught by the missionaries for years, but she just can't seem to give up smoking.  But right now she has committed to give up smoking so that she can be baptized.  It is a great act of faith for her after many attempts that have failed, so please keep her in your prayers.

One thing I have been thinking about this week is sacrifice.  The gospel is all about sacrifice.  Sometimes we have to show the Lord that we really love Him by giving up things of the world that aren't as important.  Most of us have given up many things for the Lord, but consistently throughout the scriptures and life the Lord asks us to give more, sometimes our best.  He asked the rich young ruler to give up all of his riches.  He asked His apostles to leave their nets and their previous lives.  He even asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  All he wants is the willing heart that will give up everything for Him.  As always, the Savior is the perfect example who gave everything He had for us to have a chance.  As a missionary, I am trying to be a disciple of Christ who would give up everything he is asked of.

The gospel is true!


Elder Harris

Fiani's Baptism
Typical companionship study view


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