November 20, 2016

Samabula - Week 19

Sa veisau tale


It's been another fun but busy week!  We had transfers this week with a incoming group and an outgoing group.  It was lots of moving people and luggage around, but it all went well!  It's crazy because some of the outgoing missionaries were in the MTC with my group when we overlapped for two weeks.  It was crazy to see them go home.  

In other news, I'm a grandpa!  That's right, my son whom I trained, Elder Giacalone, is training!  His name is Elder Larsen and he is from Washington.  They are serving up in Vanua Levu.  I'm just happy that my seed is "multiplying and replenishing the [mission]." There were a ton of new missionaries!  15 of them!  It was crazy to look at them and see how fast time goes by.

We saw a great miracle this week in seeing Lesi get baptized!  We had it on Sunday afternoon, and everything was set until right before sacrament meeting.  She needed to be there before her baptism, and we called and called and her phone was off.  So we just went inside and were both stressing out because they just announced the baptism and she still wasn't there.  So we just starting praying that she would make it.  The sacrament started and while they were saying the prayer for the bread, we just kept praying she would make it and then we opened our eyes from the prayer and there she was walking in!  It was a great baptism and you could tell how happy she was to make that decision to follow Jesus Christ.

We are working a lot with some other investigators and less-active members.  A lot of them are doing well, but no one else showed up to church this week.  We are focusing a lot on Kesa and Efereimi.  They are doing well, and I think Efereimi is starting to accept the message we are sharing, but he still doubts a bit just because it is different than what he is used to.  But he loves the doctrine of eternal families!  So we're working a lot on that.  Those two are getting married this week (they technically are already legally married but they just want to do it in a church), so that will be good for them.  

Well, this upcoming week is going to be awesome!  We are going to......well I'll tell you next week:)

Loloma yani,

Elder Harris

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