August 9, 2015

Tuvalu - Week 12

Well everyone it has been another fantastic week here in Tuvalu!  I am loving it here and enjoying every minute!  This week has been a fun one, especially since Elder Pomate is almost done here. We will head back to Fiji on Thursday, and I will spend a week there and then head back up to Tuvalu with my new companion!  It's pretty exciting.  I'm really nervous about speaking Fijian again....I tried to say a prayer today and kept using Tuvaluan words because I forgot!!  Oh well, it will be really fun to see other missionaries since I haven't seen any since May.  Everyone in Tuvalu will miss Elder Pomate!  That goes for me as well; he has been an awesome companion and we have had a ton of fun together.

The work is going good as well!  Our investigator S____ is doing fantastic with her smoking problem.  Two weeks and counting!!  I couldn't believe it, since so many missionaries have tried to help her to stop, including us for the past 3 months, but she says she simply has no desire to smoke anymore.  It's a miracle!  Unfortunately we will have to wait until I get back for her baptism, so Elder Pomate is a bit sad, but it will be good and she is still excited!  

We also have another investigator named T___ who wants to be baptized!  She is really smart and reading our pamphlets and the Book of Mormon even though they are in English, which probably makes her my first investigator from Tuvalu to actually read haha most of them don't understand the English in the Book of Mormon.

I am doing good!  I love the Tuvaluan people and I love being a missionary.  I feel so grateful that I am here in this place at this time.  I can see the hand of God working on this island nation and I know He loves us all!  Always rely on Him, because He knows what is best for you.


Elder Harris

Super Cool Purple Sunset!

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