August 16, 2015

Tuvalu - Week 13

Ni sa bula vinaka and welcome back to Fiji! 

It has been one crazy week again.  Elder Pomate's time has come to an end on Tuvalu, so we had to come back to Fiji for a week so I can pick up my new companion.  We spent most of the start of the week saying goodbyes and making sure our investigators will be set for the week we are gone, and then we flew out on Thursday.  Tuvaluans went crazy and gave Elder Pomate so many seashell necklaces that almost went up to his neck, and a bunch of handcrafted fans as well; they must have felt bad for me or something so I got a bunch of necklaces too even though I'm coming back!  It was really nice of them though.  

And then we got on the plane and took off!  After a good 2 1/2 hours I started to see Fiji again below me, and we landed in the Nausori/Suva airport.  We stepped outside and...........IT WAS COLD.

I know.  I thought Fiji would never be cold, but when I stepped out it felt like a bitter fall breeze back in Utah.  I am still cold.  I'm not sure if it is the stark contrast with how hot it is in Tuvalu or just the season....   Super weird.

So yeah but then we got out of the airport and got in the zone leaders' van, and then we asked them "Do you know where Elder Pomate is going or who our new companions are?" because our phone has been broken for a couple weeks and we couldn't get call ins for transfers, and then the elder sitting next to me said "Oh, I'm your companion!  I thought you already knew!"  It was pretty funny.  

My new companion is named Elder Paki and he is half Maori from New Zealand (we were really shocked that they didn't send another Samoan).  He is like 3 years older than me but one transfer younger than me in the mission.   He is super cool and is already picking up Tuvaluan from the few materials I brought!

So after that we found out that we are staying in Tamavua for the week, which is funny because that is Elder Pomate's new area.  So I have been spending time with him and Elder Burgener from Pleasant Grove.  It's pretty good because both Elder Pomate and I speak way bad Fijian mixed with our Tuvaluan, so we have to correct each other all the time!  I can understand what the Fijians are saying, but when I try to respond it is pretty pathetic haha.  

By the way I saw President Maiwiriwiri from Taveuni at church!  His son is the bishop here in Tamavua and he is here visiting so that's pretty cool.  Maybe he can make me some waicipoki before I leave;)

Anyway I am super happy here.  I haven't talked to other missionaries in forever, and since us and Kadavu (another way far out island) are here they are having zone conference early so we can attend!  We'll be leaving to head back to Tuvalu on Thursday and then we'll hit it hard for another 3 months until I come back.  All is well!

Have a good week everyone!

Loloma levu,

Elder Harris

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