December 13, 2015

Navua - Week 6

Voleka mai na siga ni sucu

Bula vinaka everyone!

It has been a really great week down in Fiji!  Christmas is coming, and I am way excited to spend it in Fiji!  I'm not really sure how it will be, but I'm glad to be able to spend it with these great people.

Other good news is that we were able to get a lot more work in than last week, and the results were awesome!  We found a bunch of new investigators and were finally able to get a few of our investigators to come to church with us.  

Probably the best experience I had was last Thursday.  We were walking from one area to another trying to find a less-active family, and we met a man walking on the road, who then invited us to come and share something with him!  He then led us on this hardly visible path through a field full of taller-than-me grass and tons of coconut trees, and we finally arrived at his little house.  We started talking with him and found out that about 10 years ago he had taken lessons from the missionaries, and he knows a lot about the Restoration already.  He was never baptized however, because he went to prison for 6 years.  But now he is back and seems ready to receive the gospel!  We are really excited about him and grateful that the Lord put him and us on the right path at the right time.

We're still working with a few of our other investigators that we had before, but the few that were most promising left to their villages for Christmas holiday.  Hopefully we can pick them back up when they return.  I guess it's a Fijian custom to return to your native village if possible around this time of year because it is similar to the summer break back in America
We also had our ward Christmas party on Saturday, which was a blast!  We had so many people show up, and had a big feast!  Afterwards there was a talent show, and we all sang a lot of carols.  My whole district came down to the party, and for our talent we did the haka!  It was my first time doing the haka, so I was way nervous.  But I tried to look as scary as I could and follow what everyone else was doing!  But the party was really fun and everyone there had a great time!

Transfers are this week and Elder Levasa is finished with his training.  He is a way good missionary and I have had a ton of fun serving with him!  Hopefully he will stick around this transfer so we can continue the good work we are getting and he can get to ride in the car (everyone cross your fingers that we'll actually get it this week!).  But we'll see what happens when we get transfer calls tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great week!  Enjoy the Christmas spirit!

Elder Harris

This is from Lami, behind me is a great view of Suva

For service we cut a lot of weeds!

One of the talents at our Ward Christmas Party

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