January 10, 2016

Navua - Week 10

Sa yawa

Bula vinaka!

This year is starting off great!  Our theme for the mission this year is "A Year of Miracles," and that is exactly what is going on!  The Lord has prepared so many great people down here; we're just trying to keep up! 

First off we have the amazing Waqbaca family who is loving the fact that they have found the restored gospel.  We visited them a few times this week and everything is looking great for them to be baptized in two weeks time.  They love the gospel and reading the Book of Mormon and having us over!  Our last visit, at the end they said they had a surprise for us, and all the kids went around and bore their testimonies to us without us teaching them at all!  They're great.  The only small problem we had was at church when they came up to the front of the chapel 5 minutes before sacrament was to start, pulled out a triangle and started a somewhat aggresive beat, and started singing a song (they were 7th day before so maybe that's the norm?).  I thought it was great!  But we'll probably have to talk to them about getting permission before their next musical number:)

Api, our other investigator, is doing really good and excited to be baptized in a few weeks time.  She is loving the Book of Mormon and the lessons.  We were teaching her the Plan of Salvation, and it didn't seem like she was getting it too well after we spent a lot of time explaining it.  We gave her a pamphlet, and then came back a few days later to review, and she repeated to us every single point of the lesson in detail!  Let's just say we're going to make sure and use all of the pamphlets with her.

As I was talking about last week, our investigator Barney just got back from prison in Australia.  And now he is so humble and ready to change his life.  He said he'll do whatever it takes to be baptized and change his life around!  We're taking it slowly with him on the lessons, because after 15 years in prison he is a bit awkward socially, but he is doing really good and enjoying the lessons and church.

This week we had a zone meeting which was great!  It got me super pumped for the work!  I was assigned to give an insight on attitude, which was way fun.  I had my district act out a bunch of "bad attitudes" which were basically lazy missionaries whose attitudes ruined the work.  I talked a bit about how hope is the inner driving force for a good attitude, not the word hope we normally use but the one they talk about in the scriptures.  Hope is a trust that Heavenly Father will deliver his promised blessings to us, and our attitude towards obedience and hard work is a good measuring tool whether we have hope or not.  Hopefully it helped everyone keep a good attitude!  If nothing else it got me excited!

On a more random note, Fiji is in watermelon season.  This may sound amazing to you all back in the freezing north, but I'm getting watermeloned out.  We get it at like every appointment.  If anybody wants some I'll send you some.

Elder Giacalone is doing wonderful in only his 4th week in the field.  I think I might just let him start teaching all the lessons and I'll sit back and relax.  Vacegu mada.

Have a great week!

Elder Harris

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