January 31, 2016

Navua - Week 13

Isa vale tabu.

Bula vinaka everyone!
Another great week in Navua!  It was transfer week this week but no changes in my area.  Two members of our district were transferred though, Elder Miller and Sister Lokotui, both up to the north islands!  I'm way pumped for them!  And we got Elder Grey (from Missouri) and Sister Teupoorautoa (from Tahiti) in our district which is gonna be way fun.  I also got to see a few people from the MTC who I haven't seen in almost a year.  Elder Davis is now in the same zone as me and I saw my MTC comp Elder Tera at the temple open house!  It was so good to see them after such a long time.

This week has been awesome because of the temple open house!  People are flocking to the temple in Suva to have a look inside, and everyone is amazed how serene and beautiful it is inside.  It is such a good thing for Fiji because the first time the temple was built, what was supposed to be the open house was closed because of a big coup.  People weren't even allowed to see the dedication of the temple.  But this time it's great!  We have been twice so far with a few of our investigators. 

First we took Barney Holmes on Thursday, and it was so cool to see him literally change while walking through the temple.  He couldn't believe the fact that you could do baptisms for your ancestors!  He thought that was so cool!  He said he definitely wants to come back and do that for all his ancestors and find a wife so he can get sealed to her!  Way cool time!  

And then we took Jerry and Emma and their 6 kids (most of them really little) which was a bit hectic but they loved it as well!  It was cool to see them look through the mirrors in the sealing room and see how it never ends!  They're doing really well and came to church again!  We're trying to encourage them to get married and it's looking like they will this week, so everyone pray for that!

The temple looks way good inside!  So beautiful.  The mural painting of a typical Fijian mountainous coastline in the instruction room is awesome, and I was pretty proud when I saw Tagimaucia flowers carved into some of the walls.  Gorgeous temple for a gorgeous place.   We're going to try and take as many people as possible this next week.

A pretty sobering but good experience we had this week was a funeral we attended.  One of the members in our ward had a baby grandson who was born with defects and died.  We went to the funeral that they held in their house, and it was really sad but powerful to see them hold on to the hopes of the Plan of Salvation!  It really touched me and deepened my testimony of the Savior's power over death.  That's the only thing that we can hold on to when times like that come.

Hopefully you all can have a great week! 

Elder Harris

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