February 7, 2016

Navua - Week 14

Au sa draiva mada

Bula vinaka!
To start off we finally got our car!  It was probably the happiest day of my life.  Three months of walking and catching buses is now finished!  We got a Toyota Yaris which is a pretty small car for the rough Navua roads, but it's definitely better than walking.  It's helping out so much with the work by eliminating almost all the waiting time between lessons, so we can see so many more people!  I'm pretty excited.

The work has been going well in our area.  Jerry and Emma are so close to getting married!  They are just waiting for one document from a previous spouse so they can do it!  We're praying really hard that everything will go well so they can get baptized this week.  Emma is doing so good and has been sharing the gospel with everyone!  Every lesson she tells us about how she told her mom, friend, coworker, etc. to go and talk to the missionaries and come to church!  It's hard to believe how much people can change in just a few weeks teaching them.  We are looking forward to seeing Emma and her 3 kids get baptized on Saturday!

The temple open house closed on Saturday.  It was such a good thing for Fiji and people of all religions to come and see what's inside.  The temple is on a busy street up on top of a hill overlooking Suva so literally everyone knows what it is!  We went again on Friday with our ward and there were so many people trying to see it the past two days.  It took so long waiting in line but it was definitely worth it.  I'm so excited for the re-dedication in two weeks!  And the cultural celebration will be the night before; I'm pretty sure that there will be a link online so everyone can watch it from back at home!  We found out today that we get to sing with the youth at the end of the performance! 

One of our goals this year as a mission is to expect and receive miracles.  It has really changed my outlook on what a miracle is and how they come about.  I realized that miracles aren't exactly for our faith, but rather a result of our faith.  I try to ask myself a lot "Is this not faith?", which just gets me pumped up to work harder and to watch the miracles roll in!  The gospel is true.
Have a great week!
Loloma yani
Elda Harris 

Elder Olsen, Elder Giacalone, Elder Harris

Elder and Sister Olsen.  A couple serving in the temple assigned to the Navua Ward.

On our way to the Browns for dinner.  The island in the background is Beqa.

The Beach!

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