February 28, 2016

Navua - Week 17

Cagi laba kei na kena vakatabui na vale tabu.

Well this has been a crazy two weeks down here in Fiji!  Temple Rededication plus a Category 5 storm makes for some fun memories.

Let's see what I can remember.

So last Friday all the missionaries from Vanua Levu and the West came into Suva to stay for the Rededication.  Almost everyone hosted a companionship except us, but we were able to spend a lot of time in Lami where they were hosting the elders from Vuna back in Taveuni.  It was fun to talk about Taveuni with them!

We woke up Saturday morning and got a message from the APs on our phone that said to stay in the flat until further notice, because a Category 5 cyclone was heading straight for Suva!  We were half scared half disappointed because we were expecting a meeting with President Eyring and Elder Cook at 11.  We waited and waited and finally got another text about 10:30 that said "The meeting is back on!  Everyone get to Samabula ASAP."  So we drove real fast up there and had one of the most amazing meetings I have ever been to.  

President Eyring, Elder Cook, and 4 members of the Seventy all spoke to us.  We learned that right before the meeting the hurricane had changed course away from Suva.  President Eyring talked and said that as he stepped off the plane at the airport, he felt peace that they should continue with the rededication.  It was such a spiritual meeting and my companion and I were able to get the front row right in front of President Eyring!

After that we all got in buses and went to the arena to watch the celebration.  It was super fun to see all the performances especially Tuvalu!  All the songs they danced to got me super homesick for it!  Unfortunately they had to end the celebration early because the government put out an emergency curfew.  We walked outside to see incredibly strong winds and rain.  We got home alright (we stayed in Lami) and just stayed inside the flat for the rest of the day because the winds were so strong.  Our flat was strong enough, thankfully, and we were okay all night.  

We woke up to see a lot of fallen down trees and signs along the road, but nothing too bad.  We couldn't go to the rededication until the afternoon session because of the curfew, but we were able to go.  But we started to hear about how bad things were in other parts of Fiji.  Over the week I have picked up a few pieces of news, but still not too much.  I know the hurricane went between Vanua Levu and Viti Levu tearing up many places in Taveuni, Savusavu, Rakiraki, and alot of northern Viti Levu.  Koro Island, a small island that was right in the path of the hurricane, was clobbered, and from a few pictures in a newspaper I saw there are hardly any houses still standing.  I think the death toll is 42 right now.  It has been a somber week here in Fiji.  Navua and Suva weren't hit too bad, but we have been out of power all week. (Suva is back on but not Navua)  We're just praying for all the people in the other regions who were hit.

I learned this week that we need to follow the prophet.  President Eyring said it would be okay and it was.  We were blessed to have the cyclone divert its direction from Suva, and to have all the missionaries here for the rededication.  I know Heavenly Father took care of us.

And the work is still going!  We are continuing to work with all of our investigators and it is going super well!  Jerry and Emma are still having problems with getting married but it is looking hopeful this week!  And we've found a lot of new investigators this past week who are well prepared to meet with us.

Everyone have a great week!


Elder Harris

The Mission with President Eyring and Elder Cook

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