March 6, 2016

Navua - Week 18

Toso tiko ga

Bula everyone!

First of all sorry about last week.  Right after my first email was sent the power went out again all over Suva for a couple of hours so we didn't get to finish emails.  But hopefully today will be better!

Fiji is starting to wake up after Winston.  We finally got power in Navua!  But only a tiny little sliver of Navua which happened to be our house.  We were able to do some service for an Indian family in our ward who had a few trees fall over, but nothing too big.  From the stories I have heard, Navua has next to no damage compared to the rest of Fiji which is completely rebuilding.

But the work goes on!  We have been seeing a lot of success lately.  Jerry and Emma are still not married (I know, this is getting a bit ridiculous), but we fasted really hard that the government will be able to get that document figured out so they can get baptized.  Hopefully it will come soon because they are getting ready to move in a month or so!  But they are coming to church and doing really good at waiting patiently.

We've been working with our investigator Samu for a while and now he is finally getting baptized!  This Saturday we will hold his baptism with a small 8 year old girl named Vini from the ward.  And the following week we have a baptism scheduled for Carmen, a way golden investigator we just found about 2 weeks ago.  She is half-Fijian, half-Rotuman and loving the lessons we have been sharing with her!  She went through the temple open house with her member boyfriend and felt the Spirit really strong inside, and has been wanting to feel that Spirit ever since.  She is super excited to be baptized!

Transfers are this week so we'll see what happens to me.

Have a great week!

Elder Harris

Selfie at Cultural Celebration

Front Row Mada

Elder Carlson and the car

We thought this was pretty funny.  Investigators never do this.

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