March 20, 2016

Nausori - Week 2

Sa qai.


Man it has been a way busy, fun week.  Lots of great experiences and fun times!  Let's see if I can remember everything haha.

So Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder Stock from Sandy, Utah.  We had a way good time and were able to see a lot of his investigators in his area.   I was super lucky because for their dinner appointment we got to go to a Birthday Party!  (his companion wasn't too happy when he heard about that)  We ate so much food that by the time the cake and ice cream came around I could hardly fit it in.

Wednesday I ended up sitting in the flat all day with an Elder Ruwhiu whose leg got super infected and couldn't walk.  I got some good studies in/cleaning the house while he slept.  Unfortunately he had to go to the hospital and is still there now, but his leg is getting better:)
Finally on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were able to get some work in our area.  We have two awesome families that we are working with where the father is a member and the rest of the family is preparing to get baptized.  The Biu family is doing really good.  Sister Biu has been an investigator for a while, but the thing that finally helped her progress was going through the temple!  She loved it inside and now wants to be baptized along with her two kids.  The Rokodali family is our other investigators.  They are super great and loving the lessons.  Brother Rokodali has an amazing testimony of the gospel which he learned about while he was living up in Vanua Levu, and now that he's back he's excited to share it with his wife and kids.

On Sunday we had to take baptismal clothes up to an area called Nasautoka.  It is the farthest away area in our zone right now, about an hour drive up in the mountains.  Up there was more affected by the Cyclone.  Their power lines are still down and we saw a few houses that were damaged, but for the most part everything is back to normal there.  We were able to attend church there in their little branch of 30ish people and see the baptism afterwards that they performed in a river down below the chapel.  It was a way neat experience!

Things are going really good and I am enjoying life here in Nausori.  It's a great area!  Elder Palelei has been a fun companion and is even teaching me a little bit of Hindi.  He taught me if you add the word "kare" after anything it makes it a command to do that.  So I just keep telling him "cook kare" and "shower kare".  Fun stuff.

Have a great week!


Elder Harris

Elder Palelei selfie with me and Elder Aoina

In the truck with some random kids

Baptism in Nasautoka.  Elder Whiting and Elder Whitworth.

That's part of someone's roof

Someone's house in Nasautoka that got blown over. 
This was the only one in the village they hadn't rebuilt yet.

We had some mean curry

Elder Palelei, Elder Whiting, Elder Whitworth, Elder Harris, Elder Aoina

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