June 12, 2016

Nausori - Week 14


Well another great week in Nausori!  I am really loving my area and all the good work that is happening.  A lot of great stuff happened this week.

First of all, our investigators are progressing really well in the gospel.  Evia is loving the lessons and is preparing for her baptism.  Since she has been confined to her home for the past few years, this is going to be a pretty big experience for her to go to the chapel and get baptized!  But she is excited and inviting all of her family to come and attend.  Also our friend Misiviliame has made the decision to be baptized!  We were way excited when he told us.  He has been thinking about it alot and decided to go for it.  We also found out that he used to be an Assemblies of God pastor when he was younger which was pretty crazy to hear.  We brought him to stake conference and he really enjoyed it all, especially learning about the church government and all.  It was a really good experience for him.  And last but not least Liti is still doing well and working hard towards baptism.  She had one little setback this week when she got really mad about something and then ended up smoking one cigarette.  She was pretty sad when she told us but we talked about it and were able to help her get back up and keep moving forward.  I'm really excited for all of these people who are willing to follow their Savior by being baptized.  

Another interesting family we are teaching is the Mata family.  They live by some of our members and invited us in when we were leaving their house.  The owners of the house our an older couple, probably in their 70s and a few kids and grandkids.  The grandpa is Catholic and the grandmother is Methodist.  It is pretty crazy teaching them because they both could sit there and talk for hours and not get short of breath, plus they always interrupt each other and argue with each other about doctrine.  For example yesterday the old man asked us about our doctrine on the Trinity, and before we could explain those two were arguing with each other whether Jesus and Heavenly Father were separate or the same; I didn't really know how to handle it!  But one thing they're both hooked on is our church's family history program.  They really want to learn the names of their grandparents and great-grandparents, so we organized a time this week when someone from our ward is going to take them to the Family History Center.  We'll see how that goes:)

We had stake conference this week for the Nausori Stake.  Elder Pearson and Elder Hamilton came from Australia to reorganize the stake presidency.  It was a really great meeting and I learned a ton from both of their talks!  I was a bit sad because our bishop got put as 2nd counselor in the new stake presidency because he has been such an awesome bishop.  But he will do great in his new assignment.  After the meeting everyone was standing around talking and then Elder Hamilton called me over out of the crowd and told me he had a referral for me.  Apparently there was a newspaper reporter there covering the gathering and he invited her to meet with the missionaries.  We talked to her and have an appointment for this week!  After that Elder Pearson gave me a fist bump for getting the referral.  Bottom line: 1. Always do missionary work, even at large Mormon gatherings.  2. General authorities are cool.
That was our week!


Elder Harris

We got to drop off the Tuvalu elders at the airport.  Way jealous.

Seventies and the new Stake Presidency

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