June 19, 2016

Nausori - Week 15

Kemuni galala?

Bula everyone!

Gotta love Fiji!  It's been another fantastic week down here.  The weather is actually getting colder, which is pretty nice by my standards.  Last year when it was getting cold like this I was sweating to death in Tuvalu, so I'm enjoying it.  This week we worked really hard and were able to get a lot of good things done.  We also had zone conference.  

Zone conference was great!  It was themed on the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  President Layton gave a great training on the doctrine of the Atonement that just brought the spirit so strong into the meeting.  It was a great day for everyone in our zone, and we were all spiritually fed.  Later on in the meeting Elder Lautogia and I were asked to give a training on studying the Atonement which was fun!  We tried to get across that studying the Atonement is not so much about getting all the details.  Much like we (at least I) don't know how a computer works but I know how to use it, we just need to learn how to use the Atonement in order to see its importance and influence in our lives.

The work in our area has been going really well.  We were sad to find out that Liti moved to her village up in the interior of Fiji, so we're not sure how she feels about baptism anymore, but her village is technically still in our area so we're planning to go up and try to find her sometime this week.  Evia is really excited for her baptism on Saturday and we were able to get it all planned out this week!  Even though she doesn't need to until after her baptism, she demanded that she is starting right now to pay her tithing from her little baking business that she has.  She is almost finished reading 3 Nephi and just soaking up everything we teach her!  Misivilliame is doing great too!  He is still coming to church and going through the lessons.  We have to teach him in a lot of detail because he has a ton of questions.  But you can tell he is feeling the Spirit big time.  He keeps telling us when he gets baptized he's going to start bringing his family to church!  Other than those two we have a lot of new investigators who are just beginning the lessons so we'll see who's interested and who's not this week.

Funny story of the week.  We were teaching this family and in the family is this girl who is like 30 yrs old and probably 8 months pregnant (not married) sitting in.  Like we usually do we introduced ourselves and then I asked if they had any questions.  She asked "Kemuni galala?" which means "are you available?".  My companion was dying laughing while I had to explain that no missionaries are not allowed to get married or anything!  It was pretty awkward....

Loloma levu yani!

Elda Harris


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