August 21, 2016

Samabula - Week 6

Kaila vata kece!

Well it's been another great week here in Fiji!  Today was made a public holiday by the Prime Minister, and the 7s team just flew in yesterday, so there's a huge celebration going on in downtown Suva right now.  Not that we're going but just fyi.

This week is transfer week so Elder Condie is going home and I will be getting a new companion.  I'm going to miss Elder Condie, he's been a great companion and has taught me a lot!

This week was a week of miracles!  First miracle was the fact that President Layton got off Rotuma.  He was supposed to come off on Wednesday, but didn't get here until Saturday.  The runway there isn't paved, so if it rains then the plane can't land, and it just happened to start raining really hard this week and cancelled the flights twice!  But with some heavenly help there were two emergency planes sent on Saturday to make up for the cancelled ones, and President was lucky enough to get a seat and get back.  We have transfers this week so it would have been chaos if he hadn't got on.

All of our investigators are doing pretty well, just not really well.  Kesa is reading the Book of Mormon and working with her husband to get permission to be baptized.  Salutu and Alice are enjoying the lessons and really considering everything we teach them.  And a few other investigators are coming along.  But a lot of the week was just alright because of a school break and a big festival in Suva all week; a lot of people were gone.

So when church rolled around this last week we were just praying that our investigators would come to church because we tried really hard but all we got were lukewarm commitments.  No one came, and that was pretty disappointing.  But then the miracle came! We saw these two Asian guys show up late to sacrament meeting, and we figured they were members visiting or something.  But afterwards we saw Bishop talking to them and him beckoning us over to meet them.  We talked with them, and their names were Andy and Aaron, and they are from China, like legit mainland China.  They've been in Fiji doing construction for a few years, and they told us that their friend had invited them to church last week in Nadi, and then told them to come here this week.  

So we took them into our Gospel Principles class and tried to see how much they knew.
They knew nothing.  I think they recognized the word Bible and Jesus and that's it!  So we began with Chapter 1 focusing on our Heavenly Father (we just had the rest of the class participate but really it was focused on these two).  They were so excited!  After the lesson they were looking through the book and saw a picture of Jesus Christ and kept saying "Heavenly Father!" and pointing.  We quickly explained to them but it just shows how much they don't know.  But we were amazed at how amazing the Spirit is in directing those two to church yesterday.  Such a miracle and we are excited to see what will happen this week with them.


Elder Harris

Nice muddy days in the Settlements

Nice sunset behind the temple

This little food court is owned by this evangelical church haha

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