March 1, 2015

Somosomo, Taveuni Island - Week 3

Ni sa bula vinaka!
It is crazy how fast the time goes as a missionary!  This week has been super crazy.  Lots of work!  This week it has rained so much; I think almost every day it has rained at least once.  But it's super funny because while we are doing studies it is always sunny, but as soon as we are ready to go out for the day it starts raining haha.  So we take our umbrellas and then it stops raining!  It's even more bipolar than the weather in Utah. 

This week we have been trying to get some solid, progressing investigators.  There are a lot of people we are seeing but not too many who seem like they are moving towards baptism.  We need to do some more finding and sifting so we can help the people who really want to come closer to Christ.  But the work is getting better!  We just need to get the area excited about missionary work.  

Probably our top investigator right now is a guy that is 25, and his dad is a member who just recently started coming back to church really strong.  He is awesome; he has a strong desire to be baptized.  Right now his baptismal date is set for the 21st, but he has had a lot of problems with the Word of Wisdom and coming to church.  So we are visiting him a lot and trying to get him to do the things that will prepare him for baptism.  But he came to church yesterday, so we are hoping that he will be ready by then:) 

I'm really excited to be a part of this branch here in Somosomo.  It's an awesome place to be.  It is probably the largest branch in the northern islands, with the largest chapel of the northern islands to go with it.  There are over 300 members, but only about 100 come to church every week, so we have a lot of work to do in that area.  

They have a lot of good families here.  I think there are 6 missionaries out from the ward right now, and two that just got home.  And there are a few potential missionaries that we are working with to come out with us.  The branch is doing really good!  But they still need some help to keep growing and thriving, so I'm glad to be here.  

We had a crazy experience yesterday in church!  It was about time for sacrament to start, and the branch president pulled us into his office.  Apparently a recent convert family from the sister's area wanted to get each of their five little kids blessed in sacrament meeting, and he wanted us to each take a turn giving a blessing.  So I gave my first baby blessing yesterday! (Even though she was like 3-4 and sitting on a chair)  I was so nervous haha, and I totally blanked out halfway through so I did half of it in English.  But it was super crazy. 

I think I will end up doing a lot of that here in Fiji, because the members assume that because we are missionaries we know how to do everything, so they just ask us haha.  But it was a cool experience:)  I think it is going to be an awesome experience helping the wards and branches out in the places I will serve here in Fiji.

This week my ability to understand what is being said in Fijian has gotten way better!  During lessons I usually understand what's going on, and in other situations I usually can pick up enough words to get the gist of it.  It's amazing how much two weeks here has done.  I love this place!
Loloma levu,

Elda Harris

Somosomo Meetinghouse

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