March 29, 2015

Somosomo, Taveuni Island - Week 7

Awesome Week!

Ni sa bula vinaka matavuvale!

This week has been so good, mostly because we had a baptism!  Yep, Naliva was baptized on Saturday and confirmed in church yesterday.  He passed his interview with President Harward on Thursday, so we just decided we might as well do it this week.  I had the awesome privilege of baptizing him; I feel really blessed to be a part of his conversion.  Afterwards he was way happy and was just saying "Lotu dina, lotu dina.."  (true church).  And then when Elder Hosea confirmed him yesterday it was just awesome.  I'm way happy:)  
He had such a sincere desire to be baptized, and we're gonna do everything we can to keep him on the straight and narrow!  Haha I'm just way excited if you can't tell:)

In other news I got my first Fijian haircut last week (it was actually from an Indian but same difference).  He didn't even ask how I wanted it haha he just started cutting!  It was way short but now it looks somewhat normal I guess.  

Also on Monday we got a truck for a couple of days!  We took the senior couple, the Smiths, to the airport and said goodbye because they were transferred back to the main island.  So we had the truck until the new couple came on Thursday.  Although on Tuesday I ended up riding bikes because we went on splits. I highly discourage riding bikes in a sulu (especially these crappy ones).  If it's windy you skirt flaps open and it's just way embarrasing! (Especially if you happen to be riding past a bus full of school children)  So hopefully I never go to a bike area haha!

But on Thursday, we were able to pick up the new couple, the Vermeerens from Canada, and also President and Sister Harward (the second counselor in the mission presidency over the north islands).  We took them all over the island and did flat checks which was actually pretty fun because it's a gorgeous drive.  

Also this week Elder Seniloli from our branch returned home from his mission in Papau New Guinea.  We were able to go to his homecoming dinner which was way nice!  I got to try octopus and a lot of other fish, it was way good!  I was so stuffed afterwards haha. 

But he was telling us stories about PNG: way crazy!  It's one of the most dangerous missions in the world.  No white missionaries--only islanders can handle it.  They usually have to be back to the apartment by 4 or 5 because it is so dangerous.  Haha a lot of Fijians get sent there because they're way tough.  But it was way fun to hear his stories.

Anyways, things are going great down here.  I love being a missionary so much.  I know this is where I am supposed to be.  Never miss a chance to share the gospel with someone or serve them.  That is where true happiness lies.


Elda Harris

All the guys playing Rugby!

Elder Harris and Elder Hosea waiting to pick up the Vermeerens
(borrowed picture from Elder and Sister Vermeeren's blog - thank you)
Elder Harris and Hosea (from the Vermeeren's blog)

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