April 6, 2015

Somosomo, Taveuni Island - Week 8

Bula vinaka matavuvale!

Yeah I know it's Tuesday.....sorry about that.  Yesterday was Easter Monday, and for some reason in Fiji that means everything shuts down, so the the only internet shop on the island closed as well.  They also take off Good Friday.  

I'm sorry to hear that Grandpa Davis passed away.  I guess I have been expecting it, but it is still a bit hard.  But I know he is in a good place.  And now I have another helper down here protecting me:)

This past week has been kind of interesting.  I went to Vuna last week to do exchanges, but this time like a full day and a half.  It was way fun: tons of walking because everyone lives so far apart, and I now have a decent shade of brown on one of my shirts since it is so dusty down there.  

Then I was able to come back and finish the week in our area.  Thursday we had branch council meeting, in which only the missionaries, the branch president, and one other person showed up.  It was was discouraging, so branch president asked us to go visit some of the council members.  Friday was horrible because no one wanted to sit with us since it was a holiday, but we were able to go and sit with the elders quorum president.  I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out because he has been missing church a lot, but this Sunday he came back to church and gave a way good lesson in elders quorum!  It was awesome to see how much impact one visit can have.

Yesterday for P-day we were going to go to a waterfall hike, but as we were driving up there one of the bridges was flooded because of the rain, so we had to come back.  Hopefully we can go another day.

In other news we have a new investigator.  She is an older lady who makes bread all the time for the schoolchildren, and the reason she likes talking to us is because she really likes the movie "The Other Side of Heaven":)  So we will have to see if we can get anywhere with her.  

Something I learned this week, if you forget about yourself in the service of others, you are happier.  I've realized that the times when I am working the hardest and not thinking about myself, I am so much more happier than when I am thinking about my own problems.  Just food for thought:)


Elder Harris
Flooded Bridge
Had to take a picture of this cute boy at church 
Some crazy kids!
Frog Stacking with Elder Mueller in Vuna

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