March 15, 2015

Somosomo, Taveuni Island - Week 5

Bula vinaka matavuvale!

Well this week has been interesting.  I'm sure all of you have heard about the big cyclone that happened down here in the Pacific.  The first time I heard anything about it was earlier in the week, I think Tuesday.  We were sitting in a less-active's house just getting ready to start the lesson, and all of a sudden a news broadcast came on the radio saying that a hurricane was coming between Fiji and Vanuatu.  It said it would be the worst on Friday, so that was pretty exciting, especially considering it was Friday the 13th haha.  

So we were all prepared for way crazy storms!!  But then Friday came and it was just a little bit windy haha.  It rained on and off all week, but nothing too bad.  We were pretty lucky to only feel the very edge of the storm.  We never had to stay inside because of the weather (we did get soaked a few times though), and there was no considerable damage here on Tavueni, especially since we were the farthest missionaries from the storm. 

I have heard that Kirabus and Vanuatu were hit the worst, so make sure you keep praying for them.  These tiny houses here on these islands would stand no chance against a big storm like that, so I can only imagine how bad it was. 

Fijians are funny about it though!  Even though it was like way nice since there was very little rain and wind, all the people we went to see would say, "Eldas what are you doing?  Don't you know there is a hurricane warning right now?"  I think one time the sun was shining when they said that too.  Haha they'll do anything to sit and relax in the house!  "Eldas! Sa lako mai na cagi laba (It comes the murderous wind)"  We just laughed at them and kept walking:)  

The poor zone leaders though; they came to Tavueni to do splits with the district leaders, and they got stuck here all week because the boat service shut down.  They got here on Wednesday, and they just left this morning.  Haha we did so many splits. 

So no worries here!  We are just continuing our work here.  N____ had his baptismal interview, and we had to postpone his baptismal date because of a few things, but he is still optimistic about it so it should be happening pretty soon.  He's a way awesome guy; he just has to work out a few things in his past before he can make this important covenant.  

We are really starting to get a lot of less-actives back to church.  It's way awesome.  We have to go pick some of them up, but it is all worth it.  Hopefully we can get this ward filled all the way up on Sundays:)

Scripture for the week: Helaman 5:12.  Make sure your foundation is solid in all things both temporal and spiritual so you can withstand the cagi laba:)

Elda Harris

On the edge of Cyclone Pam.

We bought a lot of tuna just in case the storm hit.
Kind of resembles a certain tower in Pisa.

Walked past this on my way to an appointment.  Time travel at its best.
(The International Dateline runs through Taveuni Island)

This is our neighbor, Sister Fisher, who just got off a mission from New Zealand.
She had her 21st birthday party which is a big deal here in Fiji.
This is one of the traditional things they wear.

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