June 21, 2015

Tuvalu - Week 5

Te fenua nei e vela kii!  E uke foki a kaumatagi!  Man this place is hottttt.  And when its not hot its pouring rain!  This week we had a lot of storms that like to pound on our tin roof at night and keep me up.  Haha but it is good because it keeps our water tanks full:) There were a couple of pretty strong storms.  But luckily this isn't hurricane season, so we should be good.  

Elder Pomate was telling me about when Cyclone Pam hit (when Tuvalu made the church news!), and it sounded pretty crazy.  They had to board up all the windows and such and stay inside for a couple days.  Yeah I'm not sure how I got off on this tangent....

This week was good!  Unfortunately a lot of our plans were foiled!  We got ditched by a lot of investigators, and basically all of our plans for baptismal dates aren't really existent at the moment.  But it's all good:)  We'll keep trying and hopefully they will listen.  

But I am really excited for a couple of new investigators that are just coming out of the woodwork.  We are teaching this young couple with 2 little boys (and a little pig) that seem pretty interested.  And one of our returned missionaries hooked us up with this guy whose sister is a member and came to church yesterday!  So hopefully we can get this island even hotter--spiritually speaking;) 

It's really funny because white people are such a scarce commodity here.  All the little kids always point and say Paalangi! and then practice their English "bye!"  It's pretty adorable; not gonna lie.

I've also started saluting some of the little boys that are playing in the streets.  And now they're doing it back.  I may have an army before I leave.

One thing I've learned this week is the importance of this restored gospel.  It really is the same church that existed in Christ's time. Led by prophets and apostles!  Not only that; it gives us real and lasting happiness that can be quenched by no other well.  Through it we can fully access the Atonement of Christ to give us forgiveness and peace.  It's pretty awesome!

In other news President Layton and a member of the Seventy are coming to Tuvalu in a few weeks.  Pretty nervous/excited about that.  Also I taught the youth Sunday School class yesterday in a weird mix of Tuvaluan and English.  But they're really funny so it was really fun.

Yeah I think that's it.  Tofaa!

Alofa atu,

Elder Harris

It took a few extra days for our money to come in so when we got it, we celebrated.

This is cooked pig's blood mixed with the heart.  Sounds gross but it was really good!!

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