June 29, 2015

Tuvalu - Week 6

Nanumaga e mafi!  

So there are a lot of traditions that Tuvalu elders have made up over the years.  One of which is picking an island.  So Tuvalu is made up of about 8 different far away islands that are one nation.  Funafuti, where I am, is probably the most developed and also the capital city.  It has the most people as well.  So lots of people are originally from other islands, and they have a lot of friendly rivalries between the islands here.  So us as elders decided to each pick an island to tell people where we are from (we do this by going blindfolded and pointing at a map).  So my first sentence says Nanumaga (my island) e mafi (is strong/beastly).  Haha so I have to stick up for Nanumaga when other people bag on it, and bag on other islands because I am a proud tino Nanumaga.  It's all good and fun!

This week has been really good.  First of all, one of our returned missionaries was walking by and said, "hey Elders, come teach my friend".  Next thing you know he is golden!  His name is Danny and he is set to be baptized on the 18th of July!  His sister is a member, and he has always been interested but to shy to ask.  But he understands everything so far and asks a lot of good questions!  He works for the Tuvalu navy/coast guard and this is his long break so it's perfect timing.  I am way excited about him.  We also have another girl we've been working with a long time who is really close to getting a baptismal date, so please keep her in your prayers.

Man I really love Tuvalu.  The members here are so awesome, the island is beautiful, and you eat until you can't eat anymore!  Most of our meals with members consist of chicken rice and fish but it is way good.  

I'm trying really hard to be a good islander and eat the fish eyes every time but the taste always makes me wanna gag haha.  But yeah it's funny I don't even think anymore when someone plops a whole fish in front of me.  I just kai(eat)!

One thing I have learned this week is the importance of scriptures.  For some reason Elder Pomate and I have been reading our scriptures more than just the 1 hr personal study (like during lunch or at night) and we get really excited about it.  We've both been reading from the New Testament and learning a ton.  I hope all of you are reading your scriptures every day!  Sometimes we take it so much for granted when we can receive the word of God so often right in front of us.  So if you can work on reading your scriptures, I invite you to work on it;)  Try it out, you won't regret it.

Te ekalesia e tonu!

Alofa ki a koutou,

Elder Harris

I love turtles!

All the different Islands of Tuvalu

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