September 25, 2016

Samabula - Week 11

Fefe hake

Malo lelei,

Another fun week here in Fiji.  We did a bit of travelling this week to the northern islands, and then we helped a less-active lady get a calling and a temple recommend.  It was pretty fun.

So I was really excited to finish off the last zone conference this week with the Taveuni Zone.  We flew up to Labasa which brought back some memories when I was a little greenie flying up to Labasa.  It was way cool to see all the elders there, especially Elder Giacalone and Elder Lautogia, my old companions.  After the zone conference, we went on a few exchanges.  One I was on was with Elder Mumford from Arizona.  I found out he also went to BYU at the same time I did, but he went the full year.  I asked him where he stayed and he said Building 9.  I was like no way me too!  We talked and have a lot of mutual friends, and apparently my room was pretty much right above him.  Small world.  Then we went to Savusavu for a bit and then flew from there to Nadi and then back to Suva.  It was a good trip.  

One of the coolest things that happened in our area this week was helping Sister Mele receive a calling and a temple recommend.  Her niece was in Fiji this week from Tonga and has been helping her out a lot, and so we invited her to meet with bishop to get a limited-use recommend for baptisms for the dead.  She is way excited to go in for the first time, and we are going to help her get her names done because she wants to do the work for her husband and his family.  She also got a small calling within the Relief Society that she is really excited about.  She loves our visits and even got us the Tongan tupenu, which is a longer version of the sulu that we wear, and you tie it on both sides.  

The rest of our area is going pretty well.  Sereseini is getting baptized on Friday.  We were sad to learn that Salutu and Alice are going back to Tuvalu, but luckily we have great elders there who will be able to continue their teaching.  I think Salutu really had a desire to be baptized when he left.  

One cool thing we got to do this morning was go and participate in the LDS Primary School "Missionary Week."  Us missionaries are teaching their religion classes this week, and we had our first one today.  Elder Faamoe and I got assigned to Class 6 (6th grade), and it was a lot of fun!  It'll be fun this week.

'Ofa atu,

Elder Harris

Elder Faamoe

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