September 4, 2016

Samabula - Week 8

Na Oca Vinaka.

Bula gang.

I know I said this last week but I lied.....this has been the busiest week of my life.  There was so much going on, and at times I felt pretty out of control, but it was really good because it pushed me out of my comfort zone.

We started out with a zone conference on Tuesday with the Suva North Zone and the Independent Zone.  It was way fun and went well considering it was Elder Faamoe and I's first one.  But we had a good time and were excited to listen to President and Sister Layton and their presentations.

So the Independent Zone is all the outer islands who don't fit into another zone: Tuvalu, Rotuma, and Kadavu.  They are the ones who are just out there all alone for a few months, but this was the week where they all come in and get new companions.  We are technically the zone leaders over them, so we were responsible for taking care of them for the week.  That was pretty fun, especially because I used to be in Tuvalu.  So we had a meeting with them on Wednesday because we won't be able to have another one for a long, long time.  The only other type of meeting we have is a conference call district meeting every week for just a short time. 

And on Thursday we had a Mission Leadership Council meeting with all the leaders from around the mission.  It went really well and we talked about ways we could keep the Fiji Suva Mission going strong!  The mission has been doing so good this year and we talked about things that will help us continue keeping the fire!  It was a good meeting.

And finally after all that we got to do some work in our area.  The last two weeks we have felt really good about our area and our investigators until Sunday haha when they don't come to church.  So we are reevaluating how we can help our investigators understand that.  Mele and Kesa are doing pretty good.  We have been able to have some good lessons with Mele, the Tongan lady who is coming back to church, and Kesa as well.  But Kesa is having a few problems with her husband that we're not too sure about so we're just going to keep trying and praying everything will work out there.  We tried seeing Salutu and Alice quite a lot this week but they were busy everytime.  We'll see how that goes.  But we've found some new investigators who look really good.  Bruce's sister, named Tima, is one of them who is really interested in the Restoration.

But in all it was a good week.  It was tiring but I learned so much and I am excited to continue to lay it all out for the Lord.


Elder Harris

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