September 18, 2016

Samabula - Week 10

The Burning West...

Bula vinaka everyone.

It's been a good week!  I mean it's always a good week here in Fiji, but nonetheless each week has a unique twist to it that keeps me interested.

We had two more zone conferences this week.  One here in Suva and one out in Lautoka.  We had Suva on Tuesday and Lautoka on Thursday.  We drove out to Lautoka on Wednesday, which was a huge act of faith because I was having stomach problems the night before, and there isn't a ton of services along the road.  So I got a blessing, took a bunch of pills, and we made the 4 hour drive with no problems!  We had a great time in Lautoka doing exchanges and eating Burger King (which thankfully didn't cause any more stomach problems haha).  It's always fun visiting the burning west.  

On our way back from Lautoka we stopped in Pacific Harbor, which is in my old area of Navua, looking for a place to eat, and we met this lady named Amelia.  She was pretty crazy and I'm pretty sure slightly intoxicated, but she said she loved Jesus so she was going to take us to her restaurant "Beach Bum Burgers" and feed us.  The burgers were really good, especially considering they were free.

We saw a lot of progress in our area this week!  Sereseini is doing great and all prepared to be baptized next week.  And we finally got Salutu to come to church!  He came and brought one of his daughters; we almost didn't see him and actually didn't realize he was there until after sacrament meeting.  Alice didn't come because they thought bringing both daughters would be too much chaos.  But we went and sat with them later in the day and committed them both to be baptized!  I've seen so much progress in them this week.  Allen came again this week to church with his friend Andy who came like 4 weeks ago.  They only stayed for a bit because they were busy, but we had a gospel principles class about Family History and they thought that was pretty cool.  So we're going to keep trying to teach them with their busy schedule.  Lots of good things happening!  I know that the Lord is in charge of this work and is preparing His children for us to find and teach them.  
Have a great week!


Elder Harris

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