December 4, 2016

Samabula - Week 21

Gali ki loa


Man this week has been so great.  I talked a little bit last week about Elder Cardon; well this week was spent just listening to a General Authority teach.  It was great.  We started the Mission tour in Taveuni, and listening to all of Elder Cardon's knowledge was awesome.  He taught about the Abrahamic Covenant and also recognizing the Spirit.  I learned so much!  On Tuesday, we were just waiting for our flight, and all the other missionaries had left, so we had nothing to do.  The Cardons and the Laytons were going to go to Bouma Falls to sightsee, so they invited us to haul the water and lunch:)  It was awesome.  We then flew to Nadi and had the Mission tour there the next day, and we ended off back in Suva for a Mission Leadership Council on Thursday and our big Mission tour on Friday.  It was a great week and every meeting was full of the Spirit and revelation for me.

While in Taveuni I was able to see both of my recent converts, Senitiki and Naliva.  From talking to other missionaries throughout my mission, I had heard that Senitiki was having a rough time getting to church every week with taxi fare, but recently he has been coming back strong, so I was glad to hear that.  But of all the missionaries I've talked to, nobody knew who Naliva was.  That always made me wonder what happened to him.  But on church in Taveuni, guess who shows up?  Naliva!  He told me he had been in Suva and in the west for a long time, and just felt that he needed to move back to Taveuni that very week.  He said he wanted to come back to church, so I told the elders there to go visit him. That was a miracle to me.

Our area is doing pretty good.  Lesi is doing great after her baptism.  We are working with her sister-in-law and her brother right now to get them active as well.  It's cool because all the Navua gang came to their house for the holidays, so it's like a little reunion for me.  We are also working with a girl named Eta who is sincerely searching to find out if these things are true.  We've been visiting the Chand family for a few weeks now.  Roselyn, the mom, is dying of cancer, and is completely bedridden.  They had asked us to come and pray for her (that's really big in the Indian culture), and we had also been teaching Praveen the father and Prashant the 8 year old boy.  Praveen and Prashant even came to church last week, and we were planning to really work with them to exercise their faith in Jesus Christ.  But then we just found out that Praveen had a stroke and is unconscious in the hospital!  I feel horrible for this little boy, so we are going to continue to visit them and also their father in the hospital.  I have really felt that they need us right now at this point because of everything that is happening.  More importantly they need God.

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Elder Harris

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