December 18, 2016

Samabula - Week 23

Sa luvu na vanua

Bula vinaka!

I'm on a bit late today because of the weather.  Fiji had a big low pressure spot over it and it has been raining almost constantly for the past week.  We had to go and send some food by boat to 4 elders because the road is flooded leading to their house.  I've never seen this much rain!

We've just been working hard in our area.  One of the people we've been working with, Lia, was able to receive a calling this week, and her sister-in-law, Lesi, was able to give a prayer in sacrament meeting.  It's great to see that after working with them for a few months!  

We're still working with quite a few investigators and less-active members, and things are going well.  Last week we talked about Kesa and Efereimi's baby who was very sick with a boil on his head; we found out after we went back that right after our blessing he went to sleep, and the next morning it all drained!  It was a miracle for sure, and I hope we can continue to help them develop their faith in Jesus Christ.  

Eta is doing good as well!  She was having doubts about being baptized because she said she felt like a bad person, and it was very powerful for Elder Faamoe and I at that time to testify of the Atonement, and how even if our sins are as scarlet, they can be white like snow.  She is really excited to be baptized.  We were able to help two older Indian ladies, one of whom is not Christian, come to church this week.  They felt the Spirit and were very excited to be there.  Their names are Marine and Rajishwarim.  

I love being a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for all these wonderful opportunities I have to serve God's children here in this amazing place. Being Christmas, I feel like a great gift to give our Savior is to help our fellow man.  But as I've come to understand if we give that gift we will always receive more than we ever give.


Elder Harris

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