May 11, 2015

Somosomo, Taveuni Island - Week 13

Noqu mai butu'a!

Ni sa bula vinaka tale from the garden island of Taveuni!  Man I just love it here...the people, the scenery, everything! 

It was great to talk to you all for Mother's day!  I am emailing today because yesterday morning the rugby championship was on and after that all the wifi on Taveuni was out!  Haha they completely killed it, so most of the elders are going to skype today now.  Luckily I skyped on Sunday!  But yeah I really enjoyed talking to you all and knowing that life is going on without me;)

This week has been really good!  We have just been as busy as can be because we are now responsible for the entire branch since the sisters are gone.  So we have been trying to continue the work in our area while also getting to know/continuing the work in the other area.  But it is always good to be busy:)  

Also this week we had zone training meeting and exchanges with the zone leaders, Elder Peery and Elder Uta'i.  It was a lot of fun, but our flat is really messy because we have had a lot of people over more than a week, and we are also storing all the stuff from the sister's flat in our's until the mission office figures out what to do with it.  So I've got some good cleaning to do....

Another cool thing that happened this week was our movie night that we put on last Friday night for a finding activity/branch activity.  It was really good!  We watched Meet the Mormons in the chapel with a projector (the screen wasn't big enough so we stuck the sacrament cloth up on the wall!).  After that we had a barbeque for dinner and then we set up the volleyball net for the kids to play for the rest of the night.  It was way good; I think it boosted our support among the members and also helped the people realize that we don't just go around and drag people out of their houses and baptize them, we like to have fun too:)  As far as a finding activity, it didn't turn out too successful, but I have noticed that people in the village are more prone to talk to us now, so I think it was successful.  

Anyways, missionary work is great!  Va'anuinui vina'a!


Elda Harris

We hiked halfway up the mountain trying to find a less-active, couldn't find him, but it was a good view!

The home we skyped from

Too much walking!

Movie Night!

The hydroelectric power plant the Chinese are building here.

The barbeque!
Skyping with Elder Harris - Mother's Day 2015

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