May 3, 2015

Somosomo, Taveuni Island - Week 12

Bula Vinaka!

Well family it has been another great week down in Fiji.  Sorry I am a little late emailing today.  But lots of good things happened this week!  This week was my last week of training, so I am officially done with it now!  No more extra hour of study for me:)  I am way glad to be done.  But also, quite ironically, this week happened to be train the trainers in Labasa.  Basically just a meeting with the Mission President and APs about what training is like and how they want you to do it.  But our zone was the last one to do it and the other trainee in the zone just got here a couple weeks ago, so it was pretty funny to everyone that I was going to Train the Trainers with 3 days of training left!  But it was a good graduation present;)

On the way back from Labasa we came to the point where we had to take the 2 hour boat ride back to Taveuni from Vanua Levu, and it was way stormy!  The boat was rocking like crazy...I'd never seen waves so big!  Haha we were sitting up on the top deck and just holding on to the side rail like crazy (also making sure our sulus didn't blow open!).   One time I let down my guard and almost slid right off my seat!  But it was super fun:)

This Sunday we were able to confirm Senitiki a member of the Church:)  Also in our mission we have something called a Returned Member.  Basically it is a less active who receives the lessons, comes back to church 4 times, and gets a temple recommend.  It counts the same as a baptism as far as importance in the Fiji Suva Mission.  Well Sister Mohamed was our Returning Member yesterday, so that was exciting as well:)  Missionary work is just the best:)

I hope you all have a great week!

Loloma levu,

Elda Harris

On the Boat

The small island off the coast near Somosomo

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