May 31, 2015

Tuvalu - Week 2

Toe Talofa!

Talofa kaiga!

Man I don't even know where to start.....  This is insanity haha! When I opened my mission call, I never could have imagined this haha.

So yeah I am on this tiny little island/country about a 3 hour flight away from Fiji.  The widest point is about a mile wide (where we live), but a lot of the island is just wide enough to fit the road and a house......the whole place is a big beach!  Just sand and rocks, so it is really hard to grow vegetables and such, so we end up eating a lot of meat.  

It is 10x hotter than Fiji which I never thought would be possible, and it seems more humid too.  Only a few people have cars, but there's about twice as many moped/motorbikes as there are people here.  

I figure the most dangerous thing here is getting hit by either a moped or a falling coconut;) 

The flight/airplane was pretty nice; there was a dog on the runway so we had to fly around the island a couple of times, which was pretty cool:)  

Our flat is pretty good.  We have two big containers for water which get all the rainwater that comes off our roof, but our filter is broken so I have to boil all the drinking water...  But we have a fridge so I'm happy:) 

Yeah so there's a ton of stuff about Tuvalu!  I love it here even though I'm really nervous/anxious.  The language is very similar to Samoan, and it's kind of fun to learn.  I introduced myself and bore my testimony in church from what I had studied, and the members said I did a really good job!  But the members are also really nice so they were probably lying haha.  

My companion Elder Pomate is Samoan from NZ, and he is the man!  He is way funny and easy to get along with (which is good cuz it's just us for 3 months).  We aren't part of a zone or district in our mission, we just report directly to the APs haha so that'll be fun.

Anyways I am doing good.  Although it is hard, I know that the Lord is strengthening me.  I know He is helping me learn this language so I can help His people.  I am grateful that I am here, and I know I was sent here for a reason.  The gospel is true!

Alofa atu,

Elder Harris

Tuvalu Meetinghouse

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