April 10, 2016

Nausori - Week 5

Se vaiaso gali kii


Man another great week went by way too fast.  It was such an awesome time!  

So the week started off with a ton of rain.  And I mean a ton!  The Rewa river which is right next to us was getting pretty high and a few places we wanted to visit were flooded.  Apparently another cyclone came through Fiji named Cyclone Zina, but she was definitely not as strong as Winston, just a Category 2, so it was just really rainy.  But it made the week pretty cold.  

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting which was really fun to get the zone together and have some good trainings and such.  We have such a cool zone!  We know how to have fun.  Unfortunately because of the rain some of the Elders couldn't get back to their areas, and the 2 elders from Levuka couldn't go back the whole week because the boat was cancelled.  So we have had a lot of Elders with us in our area this week.  But that meant we got to go on a lot of splits and get a ton of work done in our area....speaking of which we found a Tuvaluan family!!!  Only the mom is fluent in Tuvaluan but they were former investigators and we finally found them.  I was so happy to hear someone speak Tuvaluan to me it was such a tender mercy!  Afterwards I got a bit trunky for Tuvalu but I think I'm okay now.  We're planning to see them again this week:)

It was also great to see the Rokodali and Biu families get baptized this week.  They were all really happy and super excited for it.  And we got special permission from the Area Authority to confirm them this week even though it was General Conf week.  So it was great!  The only problem we had was with one of the Rokodali girls, Delagi.  Apparently a year ago she almost drowned so she is really scared of the water.  So she got really scared right before it was her turn and refused to be baptized.  It was a really hard situation because she was so scared so we are going to try some other time to baptize her.  Hopefully we can work something out so she has a good experience!

And last but not least we were way excited to watch Conference this week especially because I didn't get to see the last one.  We watched all 3 sessions of Saturday with no breaks in between and both sessions of Sunday with no breaks as well but it was soo good!  I especially liked Elder Cook's about the temple and of course Elder Holland just finished it off with a great talk.  And all the Fiji Suva Temple references were pretty cool as well!
It's been a great week, everyone have a good one!


Elder Harris



Lady from Levuka

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