April 17, 2016

Nausori - Week 6

E so tale na papitaiso

Bula !

Man this was a crazy week, and we have a combined zone activity today at the beach (no worries no swimming), so I'll just go through this pretty quickly.

So the week started off pretty well, had a few good lessons, especially with our investigator Bulou.  She is the wife of the ward mission leader, and has been AoG (Assemblies of God) for her whole life, but we convinced her to take the lessons.  We taught her the first lesson and she loved it!  All she could say was "This makes so much sense!".  However she was really scared of the Book of Mormon, and I mean scared to even touch it.  But we were able to explain that it is another witness of Christ and finally got her to read Moroni 10:3-5.  So the challenge is on!  She's willing to read and pray and we are pretty excited about it because of the spirituality of the lesson.

On Wednesday we took a trip up to Saioko.  Just last transfer it was closed to missionaries because of a number of different things, but we took a load of food up there because someone had given it to the mission office for the branch.  It is about a 2 hour drive from Nausori and a pretty rough road (which was pretty fun in the truck!), and then a 20 minute walk up a sweet hill (not as fun) to get to their chapel.  It was one of the places hit pretty hard by Winston that is still recovering and without power.  It was good to get them some more food and supplies to help them out!

Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Brooks who is just finishing his training.  He is a really ecstatic missionary from Australia whom I had a ton of fun with.  As part of his training it was the week where he leads everything, so I just got to kick back and follow him around.  It was a ton of fun.

Friday we had a bunch of interviews to take care of, then we had an exchange with the Assistants in Samabula where we stayed the night.

Saturday we woke up at 5 to go to our ward temple trip, but we didn't end up getting to go and do baptisms because none of our recent converts showed up!  But afterwards around 9 the bus which the ward rented went to the chapel and we were able to have our baptism for Sister Dalawa and Delagi!  It was such a nice baptism and good to see Sister Dalawa finally enter the waters of baptism and be united with her family.  And I was so proud of Delagi!  Even though she was super scared last time she was way brave this time and had no trouble at all when she was baptized!  It was an awesome moment.  

On Sunday we had church in Nausori and then we were able to go and see the baptism in Korovou for the Turavu family!  Emma is probably going to get baptized in a week or two but all the kids were baptized: Laisa, Jennifer, and Joji.  The Korovou elders got stuck in Levuka on an exchange and the boats were all cancelled, so we went and watched the baptism for them.  It was such a cool moment and a tender mercy for me to baptize all of them after finding and teaching them back in Navua!

It has been so busy this week but also really exciting!  Despite all the hardships we face, I like a quote that President Eyring told us during the temple rededication: "The Lord is at the helm, and I am not the least bit concerned."

Loloma levu

Elder Harris

Baptism of Laisa, Jennifer, and Joji

Hike up to Saioko

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