April 24, 2016

Nausori - Week 7

Ka dina.


Another busy and fun week here in the Notorious Nausori North zone.  Transfers were this week, and my companion Elder Palelei finished his mission and is now back in Sydney, Australia.  He was a great companion and I learned a ton from him so I'll miss him a lot.  My new companion is Elder Lautogia who is from American Samoa but then moved to Washington State.  He is just a bit older than me in the mission and 2 years older than me in real life, but we have had a ton of fun together already and I'm looking forward to this next transfer!

Since it was transfers we had to do a lot of driving to get people moved into their new areas.  But everything went well and I am excited about this next transfer with all the new missionaries here in Nausori.  To add to the excitement we moved into a new flat.  Elder and Sister Smith, the senior couple who was here, have gone home, and the mission decided to let us move into their house because it is a bit bigger than our previous one.  It is so nice!  Definitely the best flat I will have lived in on the mission so we are pretty pumped about that.

We were able to get Delagi, Sis Dalawa, and Sis Biu all confirmed this past week which was great for them.  They were all really excited to finally be members of the church.  It has been a really good experience working with so many prepared families, but now we are having a hard time finding investigators who are prepared to make the next step in their lives.  So we will be working on that quite a bit this week.

But all in all everything is well and I am excited for the new changes here!  Hope everyone has a great week!


Elda Harris

Oh the story behind this picture:  A senior couple did a service project up in this school up in a little village in the mountains.  They gave a bunch of supplies to the kindy there.  Well the school threw a thank you assembly for them and the senior couple invited us so the children could associate missionaries with the church.  It was really fun to see all the kids!  I was asked to give the closing prayer and it was super funny to hear the kids all gasp when I said it in Fijian!

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