May 1, 2016

Nausori - Week 8


Well another week has gone by with a lot of work.  We had a lot of busy work this week but were also able to have a lot of success in our area, so Elder Lautogia and I were pretty excited about that!

So on Wednesday we had another meeting with President and Sister Layton and the Assistants.   It was really good and we learned a lot about keeping our individual areas productive by planning right and working smart.  It was really good insights and we tried to apply it all this week and it worked!  Always good to hear from our leaders.  Plus one of the senior couple sisters made chicken pot pie for lunch which was to die for!  Always a good time at the mission office.  Right after that we had exchanges with the Assistants.  I took Elder Johnson to my area which was way fun because I remember reading his blog before I came out.  We had a good day and taught quite a few people.

Thursday was really fun as well because we had the opportunity to take Sister Layton and Sister Martin (whom I already know because she and her husband visited us up in Tuvalu) and go and check all the elders flats in our zone.  Because we're so spread out in our zone we had a lot of driving to do which was pretty entertaining because those two are hilarious!  Sister Layton is a pretty big football fan so she was catching me up on all the news about BYU and such.  Plus they brought cookies:)

And Friday we had exchanges again and I took around Elder Stevens from the state of Washington.  He is a pretty funny elder, and we had a great time.  He is pretty young in the mission but has way bomb Fijian already!  It was really good to get to know him.  We saw a family who is struggling right now to come to church because they can't afford it.  It was really hard to hear that from them and to see how much they wanted to come to church.  While we were sharing I felt impressed to tell them that if they sacrificed the money that they had to come to church, the Lord would take care of everything else.  The mother thought about it for a second and said, "Okay, we'll see you on Sunday."  Well the whole family came to church and it was awesome to see them show so much faith!

We are also teaching Sister Dalawa's daughter-in-law who loves church and taking the lessons.  The only problem is that she actually isn't Sister Dalawa's daughter-in-law yet so we're working with them on a wedding date as well as a baptismal date.  But hopefully it will be this month!  Another investigator, this one a bit older, named Lusiana has such a desire to be baptized but her husband isn't very happy about it so we're trying to meet with him to see if he will give his permission.   And lastly we finally saw Bulou again last night with her husband (who is our ward mission leader).  She is still worried about reading the Book of Mormon, but Elder Lautogia and I just showed her that there is nothing inside but the teachings of Jesus Christ.  One thing I like that Elder Lautogia does is he tells them to flip to a random page in the book and look for the word Lord, God, Christ, or Holy Ghost.  He does that about 3 times and they can never find one without those words.  She said she would read it!

It's been really fun with Elder Lautogia.  He's been giving me some mean workouts to do in the morning!  And he's probably gonna teach me UFC fighting pretty time soon.  We'll see how that goes.

Have a great week!

Loloma levulevu,

Elder Harris

Nausori Flat

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