May 22, 2016

Nausori - Week 11

Bula everyone!

It has been one of those weeks where it went by so fast because we were way busy, so hopefully I can remember everything.

Last week for PDay our zone went up to some caves in Nasautoka where we got to go in and take a tour.  They were pretty intense: the tour guide (an old Fijian lady) was telling us all the things they used to do in the cave.  There were lots of stories about the old Fijian culture of cannibalism and old marriage ceremonies which were fun to hear about, although I'm not sure if they were all 100% true or if she was just trying to make my ten bucks worth it.  But at the end it was this big huge cave and there were tons of bats and things.  Pretty cool and everyone liked it.

Another cool thing we did this week was go to Levuka!  Ovalau is a small island off of Viti Levu and has one set of elders out there.  We got to go and visit Elder Jonutz and Elder Bond and go work with them.  The city of Levuka was the old capital of Fiji when the British first arrived, so it is a pretty nice developed place that has an old town type of feel.  But now it is famous for its tuna factory and subsequent fishy smell.  We had to take a bus that boarded a boat and then unboarded the boat and then drove around the island to reach the city.  We went there on Thursday and then came back on Saturday.  We got a lot of work done and had a great time out there!

All of our investigators are doing really well.  Bulou is still reading the Book of Mormon and is on chapter 11 now.  She likes it, but unfortunately they have been really busy so we've only had time to talk on the phone.  Luisa is another investigator that is doing super good and getting ready to be baptized next month.  She lives with a member family and has come to church a few times and wants to change her life and be baptized, so we are excited to work with her!

This week I've been learning a lot about improvement.  Sometimes I feel really discouraged that I'm not improving as fast as I would like to, but I learned that the Lord is more concerned about what direction we are going in rather than how fast we are going.  I'm grateful that an understanding Heavenly Father helps us to improve "grace by grace" or one step at a time.

Have a great week!


Elder Harris

The Gang inside the Cannibal Caves

They said they used to kill people here with big clubs

Elder Lautogia and I on our way to Levuka

Where the bus gets of the boat in Levuka

A dead bat someone was preparing to eat

Levuka from the Elder's Flat

Boat leaving Levuka at 5 in the morning.  Nice Sunrise.

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