May 15, 2016

Nausori - Week 10

lai lotu mada


Sorry not much time today cuz we're going to go see some caves up by Nasautoka today with our zone.

It's been a good week!  It was great to see everyone last week and catch up, even if it wasn't for very long!  I think next skype I'll only have a week left on my mission, so that kind of woke me up a bit.  But I was glad to see everyone.

This week we have been just working as hard as we can trying to see a lot of people.  The past two weeks have been hard because we've had to drop a lot of people who we thought were getting baptized this month because they either moved or just lost interest.  It was really hard to see that, but we have just been working really hard on finding new people to teach so we can find more people that want to get baptized.  

Despite the rough fall-throughs, our one glimmer of hope is Bulou!   A few weeks ago we thought we could never get her to read the Book of Mormon, but just recently she made the commitment to really read and pray about the Book of Mormon, which is way exciting!  She has lots of questions still, but it's fun working with her and her husband John (who is our ward mission leader as well).  We had her committed to come to church as well, but John fell off a ladder on Saturday and hurt his back pretty bad so that didn't happen!  But we're really happy with her progression.

Another investigator we have been teaching is named Ivia.  She is a really old lady from Kadavu, and she lives in Nausori with her mentally handicapped nephew Paula.  She really has been reading the Book of Mormon and has a testimony of the Restoration.  It's been fun teaching her.  Her only problem is she is confined to a wheelchair so we're trying to get help from the ward for her to come to church, because she really wants to.  But hopefully we can get that done this next week.

But yeah everything is going really well and I am having fun with Elder Lautogia!

Have a great week!


Elder Harris

This is a whale back bone just randomly at someone's house

We love getting our truck fixed

A nice horse on a Fiji hill  (I got his good side)

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