May 29, 2016

Nausori - Week 12


Ni bula kece 

It's been another great week down in Nausori!  This past week we had a lot of meetings and an exchange but still managed to get some good work in our area.  Transfers are this week, and I can't believe how fast this last transfer has been!  Tomorrow we'll see if things will change up or stay the same.

We had two meetings this week with President and Sister Layton.  The first was in Nausori for all the district leaders and zone leaders in the two zones here.  We basically learned how to be leaders which was awesome coming from President and Sister Layton!  They taught us a ton about how to lead and do all the things we have to do in this position.  The second meeting was MLC which was with missionaries from all around the mission in which we learned a lot as well from the Laytons and the Assistants!  I always feel really blessed to learn from them!

We've been working really hard with all of our investigators and have seen a bit more success.  Luisa and her friend Liti are doing good and are still excited to work towards baptism.  The problem we're facing is getting them to quit smoking which has been hard.  Even though they're pretty young it's already become an addiction.  But we have faith that they can stop through the powers of the Atonement.  Evia, the old lady who is confined to a wheelchair, is loving our lessons and says she knows they are true, so we got permission to bring church to her (because our chapel is the second story in a two-story building) excluding the sacrament while she decides whether she will want to be baptized.  Unfortunately we've been losing some contact with Bulou because she started taking night-classes at the university.  They may be moving pretty soon as well, but hopefully she'll keep reading and praying and continue her lessons at some future date.

That's pretty much it for this week, but thanks for all the support and have a great week!


Elder Harris

Me and the Bius

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