April 3, 2016

Nausori - Week 4

Osooso valevu

Ni bula vinaka,

Man I am so tired!  It has been another crazy busy week here in Nausori but definitely a good one.  It has been awesome to see the power of the Lord in the work this week as we try to give it all we have!

I think the thing I am most excited about is our two families, the Rokodalis and the Bius.  They are awesome!  We planned the baptism for this Saturday and they are all super excited about it.  It has been fun teaching them the lessons and seeing how much people can change just by hearing and applying the gospel.  Doubts turn to faith, shyness turns to enthusiasm, and intimidated faces turn into big grins!  It's so awesome to see them change and hopefully everything will go well so they can all be baptized this week.  Another investigator, Sister Dalawa is doing really well and is getting excited to be baptized.  Her husband is a member but has been away from the church for a long time, but now she is really enjoying coming to church and decided she wants to be baptized and join!  It's great to teach so many people who are just ready to receive the gospel (it makes our job a little easier).  

This week we had a leadership council meeting with President Layton and all the other leaders around the mission.  It was a way cool experience and I always learn so much from President and Sister Layton.  Our mission is on fire!  This month we broke the record for baptisms in our mission!  It seems like the temple rededication and Cyclone Winston have just created an amazing opportunity for people to accept the gospel.  We're working hard to keep that trend for the entire year!

On Friday I got the opportunity to go on an exchange up in Korovou with a new missionary, Elder Hamon.  I was way excited because my trainer Elder Hosea always talked about how much he loved Korovou.  It is a very mountainous area with a lot of spread out villages, but the church is really growing up there.  It's pretty funny to see all these tiny houses in the bush and then up on a hill you see this nice, modern LDS chapel like one you would see back in America.  It kind of stands out.  But it was a blast!  We had fun in the villages teaching some lessons (every one of them we had to get permission from the chief before we could enter), and I found out that Jerry and Emma and the kids from back in Navua had moved to Korovou!  So we went and saw them which was such a blessing for me!  They are still waiting to get married (ahhhhh) but they are still attending church and even went yesterday in the Korovou ward.  So that was awesome to see them and hand them over to the Korovou elders.  Such a fun time!

One thing that I've learned is how much the Lord is involved in this work!  Things just seem to work out perfectly some times and I know that there is more divine help than we actually see.  Sure we face hardships as well but in the end the Lord takes care of everything!  

Loloma yani,

Elder Harris

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