July 10, 2016

Nausori - Week 18

Sa qai qai


Man it has been a great week in Nausori!  I have come to love this place and the members so much.  I've seen so many amazing things and work with so many great people here.

This week we have just been trying to focus on all of our investigators and moving them along in the teaching process.  It's been really fun, especially with all the kids that we are teaching.  Jack and Gloria are all set to be baptized this weekend!  It's been great teaching them because they are super talkative and want to learn.  Temesia and Suli are hopefully going to get baptized this week, but we might have to push it back a week so it works with their families schedule....we'll see.  They're all way fun and love coming to church and learning about Jesus Christ!  Elaitia, the old man whom we met a few weeks ago, finally came to church this week!  We weren't sure if he was coming or not, but then we arrived at the chapel and saw him pacing back and forth outside!  We took him inside and introduced him to Brother Biu, and they became great friends really fast.  He loved church and is excited to learn all of our hymns!  Lot's of good things are happening.

This week I also went on an exchange with Elder Dunn up in Saioko.  It was pretty fun to go up there cuz it's pretty bush and out of the way.  There is one branch and two groups up there, each with less than 40 people in them.  It's all Fijian villages so when the elders go up there they just sleep in the chapel.  It was a fun experience and we were able to see a lot of people up there!

Another highlight of this week was going to do baptisms for the dead with Brother and Sister Rokodali.  It was their first time; you should have seen their faces when they walked inside!  It was a good experience for them to do work for those who have passed on, and hopefully it will give them motivation to do their family history so they can be baptized for their ancestors.  
Transfers are this week, so we'll see what happens next week!

Love you all,

Elder Harris

At the Temple with Brother and Sister Rokodali

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