July 24, 2016

Samabula - Week 2

Gade mada i Savu

Bula re!

Wow I can't believe how fast this has gone by.  We have been pretty busy and been doing a lot of travelling and meetings this week, but it has been fun.

We started off the week just working super hard and fast in our area, because we were only there 3 days - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  We were able to still see a lot of people and get them going on their road to baptism and confirmation.  

Our top investigators here in Samabula are Bruce and Sister Rajendra.  Bruce is a 17 year old kid, a referral from his returned missionary sister, and he has been taking lessons and coming to church for a few weeks now.  His baptism is scheduled for the beginning of August so we are super excited for him about that.  He is enjoying church and is super smart in remembering the things we teach him.  We always teach him at the LDS Primary School (elementary school for all you Americans) which also doubles as our chapel, so it works out pretty well.  Sister Rajendra is an Indian lady we are teaching whose husband is a member.  She has been an investigator for a while with Elder Condie, and right before I got here she finally decided to be baptized.  She will be baptized in August as well, and each lesson we have had with her has been very spiritual. 

I'm still loving the diversity here in Samabula ward.  We had dinner with a Kiribati family on Monday, a half French/half New Caledonian family on Tuesday, and a half Fijian/half American family on Wednesday.  All super fun!

We had a few meetings this week called a Leadership Training for the leaders in our mission.  We had one on Wednesday for all the Suva areas, and then we flew up to Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu on Thursday for some exchanges and the Leadership Training on Saturday.  We have some awesome leaders in the Fiji Suva Mission!  We learned a lot from President Layton and Sister Layton and hopefully can use that in our individual positions.  I think the main thing I learned was that as long as we are following Christ's example we don't have to worry about all the little aspects of being a leader because he was the perfect leader.  

While in Savusavu I was able to go on exchanges with both the zone leaders there.  Elder Amai is from my intake so we had a lot of fun together getting the work done and reminiscing on the MTC in between lessons.  And Elder Willioughby is from none other than Delta, Utah so we had a lot in common.  Savusavu is beautiful and a great place to be a missionary!  

After the meetings we stayed in Savusavu for church on Sunday which was a big conference for the North Islands getting a new district presidency.  President Layton is over that district, so he spoke as well which was really great.  Sister Layton also spoke and spoke about pioneers since it was the 24th of July.  That afternoon we traveled back to Suva, but we had to fly to Nadi first for some reason.  So we did a little circle all around Fiji in a few hours.  Anyways, it was a fun and eventful week!


Elder Harris

In the Savusavu Airport

This is the little plane we rode in up to Savusavu.  It fit about 15 people.

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