July 17, 2016

Samabula - Week 1

iLesilesi vou


Well this week has been one of the craziest weeks of my mission.  New calling, new area, and a new level of being busy.  But I am excited for this new opportunity to serve.
So yeah I got transferred this week.  My new area is the Samabula 1st Ward.  The temple and the mission home are in my area, which is pretty much right on the edge of Suva.  Our ward is the English ward of the area, but it is probably one of the most diverse wards in the mission.  There are a lot of Fijians, Rotumans, Indians, Kiribati, Palangis, and even a few Tuvaluans!  It'll be fun.  The work here is really good and we are looking at a few baptisms within the next few weeks.

So I left Nausori on Tuesday after saying goodbye to all of our recent converts and a few members.  I heard that Jack and Gloria were baptized this week so I was way happy about that!  I'm going to miss Nausori a lot.

This week we had to take care of all of the new missionaries coming into our mission, all of the missionaries who are leaving the mission, and at the same time coordinate all the transfers that are taking place in the mission.  It was the busiest week of my life, but it had a few perks: we got to eat at the mission home a few times which were some of the best meals of my mission!  My old companion, Elder Pomate, went home this week, so that was hard saying goodbye to him.  

Right in the middle of the week we were lucky to be able to attend a temple session with the departing missionaries.  That was the first time I had been through since the MTC, and it was SO nice.  I have missed it so much, and the Fiji Temple is so awesome inside.

My new companion is Elder Condie, from American Fork, and this is his last 6 weeks on the mission.  He's a fun guy and I have a lot to learn from him for the next 6 weeks!  

Anyways I am excited for this new area and new adventure.  I have so much to learn and apply in my life and missionary work.  I hope that I can get the most out of it over the next few months!  


Elder Harris

Elder Condie and Elder Johnson (the one I'm replacing) visiting a family in our area.

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  1. The Fiji temple sounds pretty cool. I'm glad you are working hard too.