October 9, 2016

Samabula - Week 13

Oso and O soooo!


It's been another fun week down here in the islands.  We had a majorly busy week here with a new group of missionaries coming in, an old group leaving, and a bunch of missionaries getting shifted around.  There was plenty to do!  We were expecting the new missionaries to come in on Wednesday and everything was all prepared for them until we heard from the office that they hadn't gotten on their flight because of visa problems.  So that ruined all of the plans and we had to readjust, but apparently church headquarters didn't tell us that 2 of the missionaries HAD got on their flight, and so they were wandering around the airport by themselves in Nadi for awhile and actually got on the bus to Suva by themselves.  But we found them so it worked out okay.  So that was a lot of fun.  Then the rest came in on thursday and we had a few orientation things to do which was all good and fun.  Interesting side note as we were watching the Saturday Afternoon General Conference we saw at least 3 of those missionaries in the MTC choir that sang!  We're excited for them to be in the mission.  We also had to get all the missionaries leaving which was a big group of 10.  Elder Lautogia, one of my old companions was one that left so it was sad saying goodbye to him.  It was sure a busy week and stressful at times but all part of the learning experience.  

It was great to watch General Conference!  I needed it a lot because I felt so drained, and nothing fills you up spiritually like listening to apostles and prophets.  I don't know if I could pick a favorite talk because I liked them all, but one that really stood out to me was Elder Bednar's about coming to know the Lord.  I love the fact that we can come to know Jesus Christ by exercising faith in Him, following Him, serving Him, and believing Him.  Not only do we believe in Him, but believe that his power is actually potent in our specific situations.  All of the talks were so simple and enlightening.  As the world is increasing in darkness, evil, and complexity, we need to follow President Monson's counsel of following the plan of salvation.  We don't have to make it complicated!   It was a great conference.

We've been struggling a bit with our investigators, but we're still trying our best to help them out.  Christine and Stephanie are doing pretty good and we were able to share the Book of Mormon with them.  Christine owns a handicraft shop so we took some of the departing missionaries there before they left.  They've got a lot of good potential it's just working through a few issues with them.  We also have this Korean lady in our ward who brought her friend and her kids to church and they want to be baptized.  The problem is that they don't live in our boundaries, but they possibly may be moving to our boundaries, so we're trying to figure that out.  They don't speak very good English, but we are in luck that our Fijian stake president so happened to adopt a Korean boy who is helping us translate.  How cool is that?

Loloma yani,

Elder Harris

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