October 23, 2016

Samabula - Week 15

Sa laurai

It's been a fun week!

This week we had a little Tour de Fiji.  On Tuesday, we flew up to Labasa to do a leadership training on Wednesday.  We did some exchanges with the elders there and then on Thursday we flew to Nadi to have another leadership training over there.  And we flew back to Suva on Friday.  It was a fun couple of days in which we had a lot of time to learn from President and Sister Layton and all their knowledge and life experiences.  It's so fun to be around them!

Things are going pretty well in our area.  We finally got Vilikesa to come to church and he said that he liked it!  He and his wife Lia are making great progress.  We are working with Matilda, a 9 year old girl whose family is mostly members.  She and her siblings all came to church yesterday as well but we're still working with her mom.  But once her mom is willing she is ready to be baptized.  Some other great progress we saw this week was with Kesa!  She's been on and off lately because of the situation with her husband, but we went to visit on Saturday and her husband happened to be there.  It was way awesome because we never see her husband because he is always working, but we got to get to know him and sit down with him, and we decided to talk about eternal marriage.  He thought it was really cool and wants to learn more!  It was a miracle!  And to make things better he dropped off Kesa to church in a taxi before going to work, which before he didn't even like her going to church.  We're super excited!

I got to baptize a girl named Joti this week who we have been teaching a bit.  She goes to a different ward but we taught her a lot of the lessons because her fellowshippers are in our area.  She had been going to church for more than two years and finally decided to get baptized.  One of the most prepared people I have met!  Her baptism was awesome.


Elder Harris

Joti's Baptism

This is Elder Johansson's son.  He's hilarious.

Viki a recent convert

Fish and rice with a Kiribati family

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