October 16, 2016

Samabula - Week 14

Cakacaka ga vagumatua

Well it was a good week.  We were lucky this week to just be in our area the entire week and just work as hard as we could.  As Mark Nelson always says "It doesn't get much better than this!"
So yeah, we had a few meetings this week with missionaries.  We had 2 leadership training meetings: one for the two Suva zones and the other for the two Nausori zones.  They were both really good and we learned a lot from President Layton on how to be a good leader.  There was a quote shared from Albus Dumbledore "Perhaps those who are best suited for power are those who never sought it."  I thought of Nephi, who probably shouldn't have been the leader, being the youngest, but because of his faithfulness was chosen over his two murmuring brothers.  It wasn't easy for him, and maybe it was uncomfortable, but he did it anyways because he loved the Lord.  

It was really refreshing this week to focus on our investigators!  I have been trying to work on obtaining charity this week, so as we met with our investigators I tried to see them from Heavenly Father's point of view.  It was amazing how much more meaningful it is to teach people when you have that perspective.  We found a family who is really progressing.  Vilikesa is investigating the church because his wife Lia is a member (she is from Navua!), and his sister Lesi is also investigating.  It is a bit difficult because he has that Methodist background and family, but he really has a desire to be married in the temple with his wife so he committed to be baptized!  We're working with quite a few other families and trying to help them see the big picture of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

I also got to go on an exchange with Elder Mumford from Phoenix, Arizona.  We lived in the same building back at BYU but never met each other!  He is a way cool guy and we had a great exchange and worked hard all day.  He has on of the best attitudes I've ever seen, and that's one thing I'd like to emulate in him.  It's always good to learn from other missionaries here in the great Fiji Suva Mission!

Thanks for all the prayers and have a great week!


Elder Harris

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