October 30, 2016

Samabula - Week 16

E dua tale na macawa vinaka

Wow this week went by fast!

President and Sister Layton were in Australia this week for a mission president's seminar, so we just had a free week to proselyte!  It was great.  We worked hard and had a few exchanges, which were way fun.

We are seeing a lot of miracles in our area.  Probably the biggest miracle was with Kesa and her husband Efereimi.  A complete change of heart!  We still haven't had another lesson with Efereimi because of his crazy work schedule, but we have been seeing Kesa and she is really excited about it right now.  She said she's not going to miss church anymore and is going to continue her Book of Mormon reading.  She also said Efereimi wanted to come to church with her, but he had his work schedule changed last minute.  We are planning to meet with him again tomorrow!  I've been working with Kesa this whole time in Samabula so this has been way awesome for me to see.  We are also still working with Vilikesa, Lia, and Lesi who are all doing really well and preparing for baptism.  The main thing right now is working with Vilikesa with the Word of Wisdom because he has a few problems there.  But we're hopeful that they will get baptized in the next few weeks!  And the Simpsons are doing really well too; they didn't come to church because of a wedding in their family, but we're continuing to meet with them.  Our main focus is Sister Simpson because she is a bit reluctant to come back to activity in the church.  It's been a good week!

Yesterday was a holiday in Fiji called Diwali.  It is a Hindu holiday which almost all of the Indians celebrate and quite a few Fijians as well.  It's like the 4th of July and Halloween combined; lots of fireworks and you go to people's houses to get homemade Indian sweets.  Pretty exciting.  Our landlord invited us over to join their party so we went and ate a lot.  My favorite sweet is called a Goolabjaban (I have no idea if that spelling is right).  It's like a tiny little Krispy Kreme donut tasting thing that is really good.  

'Ofa atu

Elder Harris

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