January 2, 2015

MTC - Week 1

Bula vinaka!

Well Fridays are my P-days while I am in the MTC, so I am in the laundry room writing this right now.  We usually would go to the temple right now, but it is closed just like almost all the stores at the MTC.  Apparently they can't get anyone to work over New Years haha.  

The MTC is a really unique atmosphere!  Everyone is working towards being a missionary, and you can just feel the power that is working on making all of us young men and women into missionaries.  

Right as soon as you dropped me off, I went to the bookstore and got all my materials.  They actually have a lot of Fijian material; I have a Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, a Bible, Preach my Gospel, and all the missionary pamphlets in Fijian!  I also have 3-4 books that help me learn the language.  

After I got my books we went straight to class where I met my teacher Brother Crump, and he only spoke Fijian to us!  That first day we spent a few hours in class learning the basics of the language like "how are you?" and "what is your age?'' etc.  I love the language already!  We then had a lot of meetings that taught us rules and such, but that was about it for the first day.  

My companion is named Elder Tera, and he is from Tahiti.  His native language is French, but he speaks pretty good English.  I have to help him understand certain words he doesn't know but he is doing really good!  In my district (all the people speaking Fijian who arrived with me) we have another Elder from Tahiti who is Elder Tera's cousin.  He doesn't know English very well and his companion is in the Marshallese class so I spend a lot of time with him so my companion can help him understand.  We also have Elder Lemusu, who is half-Maori half-Samoan from Australia.  We have Elder Amai who is half-Maori from New Zealand.  We have Elder Alonzo who is Phillipino from Chicago.  And we have the other palogi (white guy) who is Elder Haines from Idaho Falls.  We are all Elders, so we have a good time haha.  My zone is all the people going to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands, so we have a ton of Polynesians!  There is another Fijian district that is farther along than us, and there a sister from Australia that is the only palogi in the room haha.  But I am learning to love the Polynesian people; they are very kind (and like to give lots of hugs) and very fun.  We have a good time in the cafeteria haha!  

Thursday I learned how to bear my testimony in Fijian!  Au kila ni dina na kospeli i Jisu Karisito!  And tonight we have to teach our first investigator....in Fijian!  Not sure how that is going to work but we will just do our best:)  

We had a meeting with our branch president, President Willes, yesterday, and it was probably the most spiritual meeting I have been in!  He talked about being exactly obedient so we can draw the powers of heaven to bless us as a missionary.  It was very cool; he is a neat guy.  Apparently he was President or CEO of General Mills and a mission president in Hawaii, so he has had a lot of life experience.  The first counselor is Brother Muir, who was the 16th missionary to enter Fiji, and apparently his ancestors lived in Beaver!  So it was fun to talk to him!  I see Schyler all the time!  The first day it seemed like our districts were always pretty close together so that was cool.  I am doing well and working hard at learning Fijian.  I love the gospel, and I know this is where I am supposed to be!

Love, Elder Harris

P.S. I will send pictures next week.  I only took a couple and I forgot my camera today.

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