January 16, 2015

MTC - Week 3

Bula vinaka na noqu matavuvale!

So this week has been pretty interesting (as far as the MTC goes anyways).  Last Sunday I went to Sacrament meeting and Priesthood, and then I started feeling pretty sick, so I went back to our residence and took a nap during the afternoon.  I've been a little bit sick all week, but everyone says that is just what happens at the MTC.  

Then on Monday morning we had a really cool class where I felt like I was learning so much Fijian, and I just felt really good about everything!  

Then I went to gym......I was playing volleyball with our zone (basically all polynesians) and I went to block a spike from this big Tongan kid (not a very good idea) and all of a sudden my finger was numb!  I thought I just jammed it, but I looked down and it was sticking out all funny.  I didn't really know what to do so I just started laughing and showing people.  Judging by the look on their faces that wasn't a good idea either haha.  So I walked over to this little first aid station, and all of a sudden it just popped back into place on its own.  

It was just dislocated for less than a minute, but the sports med guy sent me to the doctor just to be safe.....then the doctor sent me to the BYU health clinic to get an x-ray just to be safe....we looked at the x-ray and nothing looked wrong, but he sent me to the hand specialist at Intermountain Health Clinic just to be safe (which was actually fun because we drove through BYU and Provo to get there)....and when I got there the doctor said it was okay it would just take awhile to heal haha.  So lots of doctors for nothing;)  But the worst part is.....I don't even remember if I blocked the spike or not!  And I don't get to play basketball or volleyball anymore.  But at least it's not broken.

So this was all pretty discouraging, but there were a lot of good moments this week too!  

Probably the coolest thing that happened was the Tuesday night devotional....with Russell M. Nelson!  It was really cool; he gave an awesome talk, and his wife did too.  For some reason I remember hers better though.  She talked about how desperation is a good thing, because it causes us to reach out to our Father in Heaven for guidance.  I want to be more desperate for spiritual guidance so I can have divine help as a missionary.

So the Fijian is coming pretty well.  I have learned a ton....I have no idea how I remember so many different words but it is pretty neat.  E bibi meda sisili.  (It is important for us to shower).  We teach our teachers as they pretend to be investigators all the time.  And it is all in Fijian!  But lately our lessons are actually sounding like lessons; it's so cool to be able to communicate with them in a completely different language.  The hardest part about Fijian is learning how they talk.  It's pretty easy because it's almost like caveman talk, but it's also hard because they say things completely different than we do in English.  

We have a lot of class everyday....we wake up at 6:30, eat breakfast at 7:10, go to class from 7:40 to 10:40, go to gym, lunch at 12, class from 12:55 to 5:15, dinner, class from 6 to 9:30, and go to bed at 10:30.  It's pretty crazy but I'm used to it now.

Anyways, thank you for everything!

Moce mada


Elder Harris

Older Fijian MTC District

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